"York's music is significant, and better, delightful."
—Mike Silverton, Fanfare Magazine

"...[music] designed to put a tingle in your spine."
—Performance Today, National Public Radio

"... music that moves the soul."
—Samuel Lipman, The New Criterion


"It's always a pleasure to stumble on a new composer of quality and originality...such a composer is Wes York."
—In Tune Magazine

"Wes York's 'Three Native Songs'. . . has spare, clean, glistening and pure qualities all its own, and the [CD] performances . . . are magical . . . I stopped to hear it all over again."
—Richard Dyer, Boston Globe

"Now and again, a flash of genuine genius takes place, and a composer of real talent emerges . . .Wes York is such a talent."
—Frank Benoit, South End News


"... the composer's first [full CD] recording on an established label reveals a most interesting's as if the soul of a Renaissance composer had come back to rest in a 20th-century heart."
—Elaine Guregian, Akron Beacon Journal

"York's 'Bartlett's Rhapsody'. . . was strong and varied in atmosphere- it could be as plain as an etude, or as grand as Opus 111."
—Richard Buell, Boston Globe

"York's writing for the voice is extremely fresh and melodic, combining the rigorous methodology of modern compositional practice with a respect and an intuitive understanding of the potentials and limitations of the voice."
—Michael Lampert, Cambridge Chronicle


"'For the Sleepwalkers' by Wes York evoked a fantastic, dreamlike state through a web spun of carefully gauged sonorities (with some scat singing by the Village Voices) and arching lines sung by Sanford Sylvan with profound musical and emotional integrity."
—Nancy Miller, Boston Globe

"Thoughtful, complex, and filled with rich textures, daring rhythms and emotional substance, Wes York's music leaves you wanting to hear more."
—Frank Benoit, South End News




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